What is Stories From Another Realm?

Stories From Another Realm is a free newsletter with micro and flash fiction written by Anthony Lora. Its purpose is to provide some quick reads that anyone can get through, even if it means slotting them in between life’s busiest moments.

I lose track of things so easily: my keys, my phone, the remote. I once even misplaced my toaster—don’t ask. So when I saw an infomercial for microchips that sound in response to clapping, you bet I dialed 1-800-FOUND-IT.

But now I clap, and all I find is a cacophony of beeps.

Miscalculation, The Loss Issue

Stories From Another Realm (previously Quick as a Flash) has also been featured by Substack for its involvement in the first Great Substack Story Challenge!

What Do Subscribers Get?

Each issue hosts either a collection of microfiction stories or a flash fiction piece or two. Subscribers get them sent straight to their inbox for free.

The art of writing such condensed works is both fun and challenging. In the past, readers also got to take part in the process by participating in polls that influenced what I wrote. I’m looking to bring that back sooner than later!

Death leaned over the passenger seat, placing a lipless kiss on my cheek.

I jolt awake and grab the wheel, ignoring both the wailing horn of the semi and the pounding of my heart as I swerve back into my lane.

“Jesus Christ.”

In the rearview mirror, a hollow eye winks at me.

A Warning, The Cold Touch of Death Issue

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What’s Coming in the Future?

You can look forward to information on my other planned projects and some free giveaways. You’ll also get recommendations on other short fiction writers to follow so that the rest of your week can be filled with stories while you wait on the next issue!

Later this year, I will also be working on releasing a serial right here on Substack. Look forward to the first season of The Catcher Files, a multiverse fantasy adventure.

The embers of the fire glowed, lighting the world one last time. It had a good run, catching the eye of those that dared look. It burned. It glistened in the night. It flickered. It died out. But tomorrow (and next week and next year…), there would be another to take its place.

Little Ones, The Lasts Issue

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