If your fortune's told using flowers, you're going to want to be a little patient
A hacker tries to go straight, his AI companion has concerns

September 2022

MicroFiction Roundup #2: Let's improve our vocab and read about not-alien people, the desire for ice cream, and an overemotional driver.
Two lovers and a coin toss decide how a war ends

August 2022

MicroFiction Roundup #1: Some general sci-fi microfiction, marking the return of Quick as a Flash!

June 2022

The Great Substack Story Challenge
Quick as a Flash - Week 17: Ironically, this is probably the issue whose name I SHOULD consider changing...

May 2022

Quick as a Flash - Week 16: Oh, looks like someone is moving in next door. They seem nice... in a haunting, flesh-eating sort of way.
You are cordially invited to read The Great Substack Story Challenge, starting May 26th!
Quick as a Flash - Week 15: Turning up the heat!

April 2022

Quick as a Flash - Week 14: Fiction flows through my veins. If you prick me, these stories are what I bleed.
Quick as a Flash - Week 13: If you can see this, know that you're fated to read it. Click the link. Ha. Just kidding. Unless...